Mortgage Lender Title and Settlement Services

Origination Final Document Management

Stewart Lender Services can assist you in managing your final document process. We understand that trailing documents are a critical component to the loan origination process and often overlooked as part of the completion of the loan origination process. As a more than 120-year-old title company, we know the ongoing requirements for trailing document management. We will provide ongoing support for inventory, procurement, review and data capture from your trailing documents and ensure they are tracked to their final destination.

As a settlement agent, we are responsible for the recordation of the security instrument and related documents as well as the final title policy. Whatever your origination channel, we are ready to use our expertise to provide you with:

  • Robust technological solutions for tracking existing and future final loan documents initiated at loan funding
  • Tracking of required documents based on recording timelines including:
    • Security instruments
    • Title policies
    • Assignments
    • Powers of attorney
    • Consolidation extension and modification agreements
    • Other origination related trailing documents

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